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What They Do

Oversee marketing, distribution, sales, and service of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for more than 360 dealerships across the United States.


Headquarters: Montvale, New Jersey
Founded: 1965
Employees: 1853

Mercedes-Benz USA has been awarded:
FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work for ® 2014

What Makes Mercedes-Benz USA Great

mercedes-benz employee photoWhile the prospect of working for this famous brand may have drawn many Mercedes' employees in the door, the solid workplace they found inside is keeping them there. Employees enjoy copious amounts of company support, bonus checks and on-site concierge services. In the company cafeteria, executives sit side by side with employees and every associate gets transportation with a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz S-Class, complete with a chauffeur, on their wedding day.

Employees are also deeply proud of their company and its reputation for luxury and quality. “You get to do fun and meaningful work on a brand and product that is universally respected and held in the highest regard,” one employee explains. “I am always proud to say I work here and it often feels like I am bragging when I do so.”

Inside Story

Based in Montvale, New Jersey, about 20-30 minutes from Manhattan, MBUSA is the American branch of Daimler AG, based in Stuttgart, Germany. The U.S. division has 21 sites across the country, and the company is primarily responsible for providing support for independent Mercedes-Benz dealerships. More than half of the company's roughly 1,850 associates are employed away from the headquarters, in locations like warehouses, cargo piers, home-based offices, and a corporately-owned dealership in Manhattan. MBUSA also operates the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Southern California, which houses a museum as well as a restoration center for classic Mercedes Benz vehicles.

mercedes-benz employee photoA Place for Car Lovers

Not surprisingly, many of the employees at MBUSA are car enthusiasts, and so the chance to build, drive, and work on high-end cars is a huge benefit. “I have been given unique opportunities to travel and drive some of the best vehicles in the world in several countries and on multiple race tracks as part of our continuing education,” says one employee.

While the company offers concierge services, educational assistance, and more, one of employees' most cherished perks the opportunity to lease a Mercedes-Benz car at significantly discounted rates with no money down. They get to trade it in every 8,000 miles, and each newly leased car comes wrapped in a big red bow, with a box of luxury chocolates and a ticket for a free car wash inside. Select positions are eligible for use of a car at no cost. "We get a chance to drive the new cars that come in before the public has them available to them," one worker explains.

mercedes benz employee photoBenefits Beyond Cars

Not all benefits come in the form of the company's iconic autos. While many programs focus on helping employees financially – for example, by providing $6,000 towards adoption, discounting legal services, or contributing $8,000 per year in tuition reimbursement – work-life balance support is also an important focus area. The company offers summer hours, flexible scheduling, telecommuting and 32 days paid time off, in addition to unlimited sick days and personal days. Additional paid time off is available to recognize certain special occasions in employees’ lives, for example, on people’s wedding days, when they move, and for births, adoptions and bereavement. When asked what would improve their workplace, some employees request even more support for alternative scheduling; yet 93 percent of employees currently agree the benefits at Mercedes Benz are special and unique and 90 percent report that they can take time off when they need to.

Professional Development

Ninety-two percent of Mercedes' employees say they plan to stay with the company for a long time, and the company's culture of long tenure and support for advancement are certainly connected. Nearly nine in 10 employees feel they are given training to develop themselves professionally, citing mentoring, job shadowing, development plans and a rotation program for administrative assistants as part of the attraction. CEO Stephen Cannon can vouch for many of these personally — he started at the company as an executive assistant 20 years ago.

Recounts another employee: “I was encouraged to further my education and was fully supported till completion of my MBA. I cannot think of any other company that went to this length of investing in their employees in my 20 years of professional experience.”

As much as the company supports training, there is a desire by some for a more transparency in the promotions process. While most employees (68 percent) tell us that promotions consistently go to those who best deserve them, some say see room for improvement, explaining, for example, that the flat nature of the organization "makes it harder to move people around for development."

Overall, though, employees report a strong sense of collaboration among the organization - “fellow co-workers are always willing to help you and there is a sense of team work,” says one employee - and people are bound together by their shared pride in the company's reputation. Explains one happy MBUSA employee, “This is a great place to work because of the people, the commitment to excel, a stong senior management team, and the benefit of tailwinds from an outstanding product line from the parent company.”


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Employee perks are as plentiful as accessory options at this iconic luxury car company. Perks include tuition reimbursement, health coverage, corporate outings, and discounts on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


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